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Gillett Society Donor Spotlight: Teresa '75 & David '76 Beagle

Gillett Society Donor Spotlight: Teresa '75 & David '76  Beagle

How did you meet?

D+T: We met our sophomore year at GVSU. We were both work study students at the Kistler hall reception desk. Teresa had gone to the bookstore with her roommate and was a little late to the first organizational meeting. When she came into the meeting, she was greeted by some guy (Dave) saying, "Guess who we just signed up to work the desk Friday and Saturday nights?!" Needless to say, he was the first to regret that - no evening weekend dates all that semester.

Favorite memory of Grand Valley?

D: Getting snowed in at Kistler Hall during Spring Break - snow drifts up to my room's 3rd floor window, battling thru thigh-high snow to get to a final exam. Returned to the dorm to find a "snow emergency" had been declared and no one could leave to go home for the break!

T: Going to the dedication concert for the Louis Armstrong Theatre, performed by some of Louis Armstrong's original band members. Post-graduation, I have fond memories of serving on the Alumni Board.

Why is it important to you to be a member of the Gillett Society?

D+T: We feel it is important to give back to the institution where we earned our Bachelor degrees, that helped shape us as young adults and gave us confidence to enter the workforce.

What impact do you hope your gifts will have on students?

D+T: Hopefully our gifts will keep students in college who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford it. And we would like to encourage them to give back when they are able to, down the road. We both benefited from scholarships and grants (as well as the work study program) when we were at Grand Valley and feel we got a high quality experience from a college we can be proud of!