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Kathy Vogelsang '95, '99: Legacy Through Her Will

Kathy Vogelsang '95, '99: Legacy Through Her Will

As an alumna of Grand Valley State University, Kathy Vogelsang '95, '99 continues to be involved with her alma mater. She has served on various committees since she graduated, and started a scholarship. The Kathleen B. Vogelsang Seidman College of Business Scholarship for Non-Traditional Students supports students like Kathy, who returned to school when she was 30 years old.

Grand Valley was like a family to Kathy, so her decision to give back was simple. Her daughter is a current senior at Grand Valley, and through a parent's eye she has witnessed the same student focus she felt while she attended.

Deciding to utilize a planned gift to endow the Vogelsang Scholarship was an easy decision to make, and to do. "I simply asked my attorney to include it in my will when she was drafting it." Kathy wanted to make sure that non-traditional students like her would be able to continually get support even after she was gone.

Kathy's gift will be part of her legacy at Grand Valley. "My gift will live on long after I'm gone. I hope that I can help future students obtain their dreams and be successful." After talking to her attorney about it, she was surprised to find that Grand Valley really does all the work, and it didn't cost her anything. "Sometimes, you're not in the position today to give a lot of money. Leaving a planned gift is a way of saying, 'I can't do it today, but someday I will be able to.'" Thanks to Kathy's generosity, non-traditional students will be supported at Grand Valley for generations to come.